Advanced Safety

The past 10 years have seen incredible innovation in motorcycle safety equipment and our goal is to make them available to our clients in the best fitting custom suit they will ever own.

Alpinestars Tech-Air

Tech-Air is class leading airbag technology that started in MotoGP and now has over half a million miles of on-road testing.


Impact Armor & protectors

Every Mithos suit comes with SAS-TEC shock absorbing armor.

Our armor exceeds CE Level 2 standards by offering 50% more protection area and 2.5 times more shock absorption. And SAS-TEC is constructed from viscoelastic foam which is soft & pliable when riding and hard & impact absorbing in the event of a crash.

And for those racing competitively or opting for another level of protection, we offer Paramount Protectors.

Paramount Protectors

  • Smart Shape - Perfect anatomical design that flexes without distortion

  • More Absorption - over 6 times more shock absorption than CE Level 2

  • Lighter weight yet larger - Designed with greater protective surface area without adding weight

  • Higher operational temperature - Standard SAS-TEC compromises some performance in temps greater than 75F. Paramount maintains its effectiveness up to 104 degrees

  • Ventilated - to improve comfort and airflow


Additional Safety Features

  • Double layered impact areas (buttock and forearms)

  • Double stitched construction

  • Unique honeycomb construction on all exterior armor

  • Premium Cowhide and Kangaroo [Not for sale in California] Leather