rcp-18air   tech-air compatible,

Full custom Suit

The RCP-18 Air suits are fully customized, tailored just for you.  This suit is also compatible with the Alpinestars Tech-Air system, used with the licensing agreement we have with Alpinestars.  

The safety features are by far one of the best in the industry.  Sas-Tech internal armors are used in the shoulders, elbows, hip and knee.  The exterior protectors uses a honeycomb (designed by a car manufacturer engineer) construction to absorb and disburse the impact energy, rather than transferring.   Double leather layers in key sliding areas and double stitched. YKK zippers rounds out the list of components that makes our suits safe and durable. Lastly, you can choose from top grain cow hide or upgrade to kangaroo leather to suit your budget.


rcp-15 Custom suit

Just like the RCP-18air, the RCP-15 consists of the same safety features and construction.  Only difference is that the RCP-15 is a NON Tech-Air compatible suit.  However, the RCP-15 will come with a removable SAS-TECH level two back protector.


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