What makes Mithos mythic

State-of-the-Art Safety;
Bespoke Fit;
Premium Craftsmanship;
& Stunning Design.


Advanced SAFETY & Protection

Riding or racing a motorcycle is inherently dangerous. Discovering the limitations of your protective gear after an inadvertent get-off is never a welcome surprise.

And your Mithos suit is built to protect you best when you weren’t at yours. The safety dividend only pays out when you invest in the right gear.

  • Tested by top level riders to avid track day riders, our suits are built to last. 

  • Alpinestars Tech-Air® System compatibility

  • Top-of-the-line Armor: Mithos offers two levels of armor: SAS-TEC & Paramount.

  • Double layered impact areas (buttock and forearms)

  • Double stitched construction

  • Unique honeycomb construction on all exterior armor

  • Premium Cowhide and Kangaroo* Leather

Bespoke FIT

Give us 11 weeks and 30 body measurements and Mithos will deliver the best fitting, best looking and, arguably, the safest motorcycle suit in the industry. 

Whether you are working through a Authorized Mithos Fit Center or you schedule on online fitting, you can be assured that the suit we build is built specifically for you and your body type.

  • Pattern developed in partnership with motorcycle legend Sito Pons and his sons

  • Off-the-rack suits is not a one size fits all. Even if two riders have the same height and weight, chances are certain they have different body types. The off-the-rack may fit “OK” but when “OK” is not good enough, Mithos will delivery that perfect fitting suit.


At Mithos, we handcraft and inspect each suit with an attention to detail and a focus on safety that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Our suits are designed and crashed tested at the highest level.

  • We don’t cut corners on safety:

    • Premium Leather [Cow and Kangaroo*}

    • Double layered impact areas (buttock and forearms)

    • Double stitched construction

    • Top-of-the-line zippers

  • Two-Year warranty against manufacture defects on non-crashed suits


While Safety is the primary function of the suit and the perfect fit is crucial, it still should look amazing.

While we agree that form should follow function, your suit still needs to look fantastic.

Custom Design: You work directly with the designer to get exactly what you want; patches, logos name sponsors, etc… the sky is the limit here.

Semi-Custom Design: Get custom-fit with semi-custom design. Choose form one of our standard designs and pick any combination of colors available in your chosen leather. Patches and names are not included.


*Kangaroo Leather not for sale in California