Our internal armors


Paramount by Sas-Tec

Often times, the internal armors are overlooked when selecting a leather suit. At Mithos, we know protection is deeper than the skin, literally. That is why we have paired up with the best in the industry. Paramount by Sas-Tec developed an internal armor that is unmatched by any others in the industry.As your average sports bike is continuing to gain horsepower and speed gets faster, your armor protection should too.

Paramount offers greater protection area: 50 percent more surface area than required by the current CE Level 2 standards. Not only does the armor provide  protection of the joint itself, but also the surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons. We basically said CE level 2 is not enough protection, we want our clients to have more.

Bionic Form: Contrary to what you’re thinking “more protection means less mobility”.  Paramount’s molds softly to the body in every state of motion. Unaffected by temperature, It allows trouble-free full range of motion, so that the riding experiences comfort without sacrificing safety or comfort.

Impact absorption: The material used was developed by German manufacturer SAS-TEC.  We wanted a material that contains a phenomenally high viscoelastic property. In other words, its a material that molds and forms to your body while maintaining a high impact resistance while delaying and dissipating the impact shock, during a crash.  Due to our specification of an exceptionally high compression, we achieve enormously low residual force values: The limit values of the standard EN 1621-1 [Level 2 are many times higher!