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The Perfect Blend of:
Top-of-the-line Safety;
Bespoke Fit;
Premium Craftsmanship;
& Stunning Design.

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Advanced SAFETY & Protection

Riding or racing a motorcycle is inherently dangerous. Discovering the limitations of your protective gear after an inadvertent get-off is never a welcome surprise. And your Mithos suit is built to protect you best when you weren’t at yours. The safety dividend only pays out when you invest in the right gear.

  • Tested by top level riders to avid track day riders, our suits are built to last. 

  • Alpinestars Tech-Air® System compatibility: developed with Alpinestars, our RCP-18 suits are designed SPECIFICALLY to be used with the Tech-Air System. Months of R&D, countless hours of testing, with the proper amount of stretch panels, we have created a suit that will allow the Tech-Air to deploy safely.

  • Top-of-the-line Armor: Mithos offers two levels of armor: SAS-TEC & Paramount. Click Here for more information about Sas-Tec Paramount

  • Double layered impact areas (buttock and forearms)

  • Double stitched construction

  • Unique honeycomb construction on all exterior armor

  • Premium Cowhide and Kangaroo [Not for sale in California] Leather